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It's no secret, we are a company that operates mainly within the world of Rust. Beginning with Lone Wolf Rust in 2021, we planted our roots in this space and used it as a platform to address the needs of players, server owners, and administrators alike. The valuable lessons learned along the way have helped shape our current business, which now extends far beyond Rust. If you have a digital need, you're on the right website.

We create otherworldly
digital products, services,
and tailored IT solutions.

Hades Cyberlabs is a digital foundry for innovation that produces premium solutions for our customers. Our business operates world-class gaming servers, offers services to creators and businesses, and develops free content and information for the Rust community.

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Servers, Products, and Services

#1 Ranked Solo Only Servers.
100,000+ Unique Players.
Monthly, Vanilla, No Blueprint Wipes.

The Wolf Rust Network is a collective of high-performance gaming servers for the PC survival game "Rust" that we own and operate since 2021. The Wolf Rust Network is currently hosted out of two datacenters: one in Dallas, Texas, USA and another in London, England. We are world-renowned for our flagship servers: Lone Wolf Rust, which are ranked the #1 Solo Only servers in the world for Rust. Learn more below!

Have a digital need? We got you.
Experienced consulting services.
Tailored digital solutions.

Establishing an online presence for you or your company can be difficult. Let us do the heavy lifting on your behalf. Tell us your current digital and IT-related needs and we'll match them with a range of options.

Coming Soon - Plugins & Systems!
Intuitive, performant, "lifesaving".
Improve your admin's arsenal.

Coming soon! We have spent years and tons of money developing the best toolsets to administer and moderate our Wolf Rust Network servers. No, we are super excite to offer certain portions of our custom codebase and business processes for sale to other Server Owners! Super secretive, best-in-class player monitoring systems are now at your fingertips!

Coming soon - Rust Knowledgebase!
Information, tips, and guides for
Rust server owners of all levels.

Coming soon! Learn everything from the basics of getting started, how to effectively use RCON tools, how to troubleshoot common errors, advanced administration and ownership strategies/processes, and everything in between. Tribal knowledge has plagued the Rust admin community for far too long. With our Rust KB, we are trying to forever change that. Whether you are an Owner, an Administrator, or an Associate Junior Chat Mod, our Rust Knowledgebase has something for everyone.

Not so "Secret" Services.
We can do a lot.
What can we do for you?

We have a lot of in-house expertise that covers many different areas. We provide custom, adhoc services to our clients on demand that are outside our standard set of listed services. If there is something you need, ask us.

Our Process


1. Plan & Collect Data

We are tireless planners and firm believers in data. We take our time and plan steps carefully.


2. Build Intelligently

We create solutions with quality built into every step. Every facet is thought through and implemented effectively.


3. Launch & Continuously Improve

Delivery is only the beginning. Continuous improvement is built into our core.

Our Team


CEO, Lead Solution Architect